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  • Can I trade in any type of item?

    We do not accept AMI items in the following categories: underwear, swimwear and lifestyle accessories. We do not accept items from the current season or from seasons prior to 2016.

  • Do you return items considered ineligible?

    No: in accordance with our terms and conditions and in line with our eco-responsible approach, we do not return items that do not meet our trade-in conditions.

    Be reassured: rejected items are still given a second life. They are given to an association specialized in the recovery of textiles or are reused by a partner in an upcycling approach.

  • How much will I receive?

    When you request a trade-in, our simulator offers a buyback value, between 35% and 70% of the original retail price including tax, depending on the type of product and the condition you declare for each piece. This value is confirmed or adjusted if necessary by our reconditioning team, and is credited directly to your AMI For Ever account within 15 business days (from the date of receipt of your package by our Quality Experts). Please ONLY contact our Customer Service if the period of 15 business days has passed.

    If our team finds that the returned pieces do not meet the trade-in conditions and cannot be resold, your account will not be credited. Don’t worry, any refused pieces still get a second life! They will be passed on to an organisation that specialises in the recovery of textiles or will be reused and upcycled by a partner organisation.

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